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Packaging Machinery Showcase - BEL 250 Standard Guarding Packages

The BEL 250 is Wexxar Bel’s heavy duty, ultra-reliable, fully automatic case sealer for around the clock operations. This machine is known for its ruggedness and ability to handle long operating hours while maintaining a high level of seal quality from the first to the last box of every shift. Despite being such a strong machine, it is also very compact due to the use of Wexxar Bel’s signature Snap Folder case folding technology, like in the BEL 270. The Snap Folders allow the machine to be ultra-safe while keeping the overall size of the machine small.

However, some facilities have very strict plant specifications which require extensive amounts of guarding. This is especially true for larger corporations which often utilize generic specifications for all types of machinery. To accommodate these requests, we have developed standard customizable guarding and safety packages for our BEL 250 and BEL 270 units. This includes options including fixed or un-fixed doors and panels, interlocking doors, additional E-Stops, and more. Our engineering team are always open to recommending or accommodating any types of guarding or customization options you may require. Contact your local Wexxar Bel sales representative now!

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