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330 Series Tray Formers New

The IPAK TF-330GH fully automatic tray former is designed specifically for the agricultural industry where it is capable of running a variety of common footprint agricultural trays including open-top style with rollovers sidewalls or endwalls, MUB or 4-corner trays with stacking tabs.

Based on the popular TF-350CF and adopting many of its primary features, the TF-330GH provides value with IPAK quality and reliability. By examining the needs of our customers in the agriculture industry, we designed the TF-330GH with a compact footprint and lower air and power consumption to reduce your operating costs. Available with the TF-330GH is our integrated TS-100 empty tray stacker that adds to an automated packing line.

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    • S-Drive - precision servo driven mandrel for increased precision, speed and lower maintenance
    • Quick size changeovers - with color coded handles and scribed parts, changeovers occur in under 10 minutes (depending on tray style)
    • Venturi style Vacuum system - low maintenance and reliable operation with controlled & self cleaning vacuum cups
    • Wexxar's WISE smart touchscreen controls system - allows for easy machine operation, troubleshooting and maintenance
    • Advanced safety - including fully interlocked guard doors and emergency stops on both sides of the machine
    • Easy load hopper for continuous machine operation
    • On demand tray forming with remote demand sensor
    • Nordson ProBlue premium hot melt system
    • Designed and built in North America with premium materials
  • Euro Style Produce Tray
    Euro Style Produce Tray
    MUB Style Produce Tray
    MUB Style Produce Tray

    Euro Style tray with glued stacking tabs

    4-Corner Tray with Snap Lock Lid

    MUB Style Bakery Tray


    • Speed: up to 30 trays per minute
    • Corrosion resistant and paint free frame construction
    • Air Supply: 90 psi or greater
    • Electrical: 240 Volts AC, 3 phase, 60 Hz
    • Machine footprint: 115"(L) x 92"(W) x 95"(H)

    • TS Series tray stacker
    • Infeed & outfeed conveyors
    • Machine monitoring system with tri-light & audible alarm
    • Spare parts kits

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