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WISE System


WISE System

The WISE System is the eco-system of user-centric features found on all Wexxar Bel and DEKKA equipment. These functions enhance the operator experience at every interaction with the machine to improve ease of use and efficiency. Overall, our interactive, user-centric technology allows for easy machine operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.


Wexxar Bel's constant push towards innovation is reflected by the WISE System. With enhanced operator interaction, increased efficiency and ease of use, our features are designed to provide only the finest experience.

Textless Instructions - Wexxar WISE System

Textless Instructions

Easy Pictorial on-machine instructions that can be understood universally, eliminating language barriers.

Color Coded Size Change Handles - Wexxar WISE System

Color Coded Size Change Handles

Through reducing the number of change points and adding color coded guides, the WISE system minimizes operational errors such as adjustment issues with incorrect size changes.

Graphical User Interface - Wexxar WISE System

Graphical User Interface

The HMI program and user interface is simple to use and easy to navigate so that all functions of the machine are easily accessible. Relevant information will be presented to the user, for simple, complete control. For example, when an alarm is triggered, the location of the fault will be shown along with how to solve the issue.

On-Board Machine Tuning and Troubleshooting - Wexxar WISE System

On-Board Machine Tuning and Troubleshooting

WISE system allows the machine to be tuned and tested through the HMI, eliminating the need for technicians to open the laptop, or other tools to perform check-ups or scheduled maintenance. This is essential in facilities with extensive safety regulations regarding electrical panels and procedures.

WISE Guides

An electronic and physical copy of the manual comes with every Wexxar Bel machine. However, in addition to these, we also have easy access WISE Guides which provide additional support and tips to our users beyond what a manual would normally have. Detailed maintenance schedules, step-by-step guides on machine operation, change-over, tips on improving machine performance and more can all be found on Dozuki. There are 3 convenient ways to access these guides.

Online Through a Web Browser - Wexxar WISE System

Online Through a Web Browser

Visit, where you can easily access the guides with a laptop or computer.

QR Codes - Wexxar WISE System

QR Codes

QR codes are located throughout our machines which can be scanned to access pages of the WISE Guide that are directly related to the physical location of the code.

HMI - Wexxar WISE System


The HMI contains both the manual and QR codes which can be easily accessed by the machine operator.