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Pin & Dome Technology

Pin & Dome Technology from Wexxar


Wexxar's ultra reliable case forming patentedtechnology Pin and Dome has been proven to surpass all other forms of case opening technologies in its ability to give continuous repeatable output regardless of corrugated quality.

Unlike vacuum case formers, Pin and Dome is a simple maintenance free mechanical system that ensures maximum uptime. 

This system consists of two hardened steel pins which operate in conjunction with a raised steel dome. The case is thrust upward onto multiple Pin and Dome modules which permit the domes to guide the pins precisely into the flutes of the corrugated. The result of this is to clamp the outer skin of the case, giving unparalleled grip on the panels of the case.

The Pin and Dome modules are mounted on opposing hinged plates. Each positively separated case is thrust upward between these plates onto the Pin and Dome modules. The plates are then hinged open by a positive action and with it the case is forced to open.

This provides a superior case erecting system that overcomes the various shortcomings of vacuum case erectors.


US. Patent No 7,766,808 & 7,422,552