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Snap Folder Technology

Snap Folders is the folding technology used on BEL fully automatic case sealers for folding the trailing minor flaps. Folding the trailing minor flap on case sealers had always been a difficult task. The only choices on the market were basically to manually fold down that flap, or to get a large heavily guarded machine with a "kicker" to fold the last flap.

Snap folders are able to easily and most importantly, safely fold the trailing flap with essentially no guarding. Their unique design allows it so that the impact is so light that while it is great for folding corrugated, it causes no harm even if your hand is hit by the Snap Folders. In fact, they are actually even safer than the "kicker" style of machines despite the lack of guarding because there is still a chance of significant injury if an operator gets hit by the kicker whereas it is extremely unlikely that someone can be injured by the Snap Folders. 

There are also secondary benefits because of the way Snap Folders are designed. First of all, the low force produced by the Snap Folders ensure that no damage will be done to the case. Second, because guarding is not required for Snap Folders, it allows us to keep machine footprint small for applications with space restrictions. This is especially true for the BEL 270 which is the most compact automatic hot melt case sealer on the market.