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On June 15th, Dekka will be launching the all new DEKKA SE V3 tape head. With the new improvements, the new DEKKA SE V3's will provide even more consistency and reliability to Wexxar Bel case formers and sealers. For more information on the new tape head, visit Dekka's website here.


  • What's different about the new DEKKA SE V3?
  • Will the new DEKKA SE V3 fit on my machine?
    • The DEKKA SE V3 has the same fit as the legacy DEKKA SE V2 and can be mounted on most Wexxar Bel tape machines. For questions regarding the tape head or the DEKKA SE V3, please contact your Regional Wexxar Sales Manager.
  • What version will the new DEKKA SE V3 come in?
    • The initial release will feature the following models:
      • DEKKA SE-22 V3 2" tape, 2" tab length
      • DEKKA SE-22 V3 mirror
      • DEKKA SE-215 V3 2" tape, 1.5" - 1.75" tab length
      • DEKKA SE-215 V3 mirror
      • DEKKA SE-23 V3 3" tape, 2" tab length
      • DEKKA SE-23 V3 mirror
    • More models will be available at a later date


  • When can I order these tape heads?
    • They will be available for order June 15th, 2020
  • Can I order the new DEKKA SE V3 by itself?
    • Yes
  • Will my machine come with a new DEKKA SE V3 or a legacy DEKKA SE?
    • All machine orders placed after June 15th will by default come with the DEKKA SE V3


  • Can I still get the legacy DEKKA SE with my machine if I place the order after June 15th?
    • Yes but you will need to advise your Wexxar Bel sales manager at the time of order
  • Will spare parts for the legacy DEKKA SE still be available?
    • Yes

Spare Parts

  • Can I still use my previous spare parts for the new tape head?
    • Yes. The new DEKKA SE V3 and the legacy version of the DEKKA SE share many similar parts
  • Are spare parts available for the DEKKA SE V3?
    • Yes
  • Are there spare parts kits available for the DEKKA SE V3?
    • Yes