ATH Vertical Series Tray Former

IPAK’s ATH model has a compact, vertical design that is ideal for packagers with minimal plant space. It is operator friendly with interlocked safety guarding and a servo motion control to ensure quality tray production.

ATH Glue Tray Former

The IPAK ATH is a fully automatic tray former with hot melt glue closure. It forms Corner Glued Trays: flaps inside, flaps outside, one piece telescope (clamshell), econo tray, extended top flap, bag-in-box styles, MUB style, HSC lidding and more. ATH fully automatic tray formers are built for heavy duty round-the-clock production using the latest in design and manufacturing technology. The ATH also includes programmable electronic glue control and an optional pendant mounted operator interface.

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    • Size - Compact and operator friendly
    • Quick size changeovers - with color coded handles and scribed parts, changeovers occur in under 10 minutes (depending on tray style)
    • Advanced Safety - Interlocked safety guarding
    • Corrosion resistant finish throughout
    • Servo motion control for fast, accurate tray forming
    • Equipped with premium hot melt glue system
    • Programmable electronic glue control
    • Easy load, floor level tending with optional EZE Load magazine loader
    • Optional lidder attachment available
    • Optional pendant mounted operator interface

    • ATH Tray Styles:

      M.U.B. Style Tray for ATH Tray Former
      M.U.B Style Tray
      One Piece Telescoping Tray for ATH Tray Former
      One Piece Telescoping Tray

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