WF30 S-Series Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector with Rapid Load Magazine New

Wexxar's Rapid Load Magazine delivers fast, ergonomic loading of case blanks for quicker startup and case size changeovers. Loading time is cut in half from standard Wexxar magazines. Loading cases while the machine is in operation is extremely easy, making this option ideal for high speed applications or manufacturers with multiple case changes. The versatile Rapid Load Magazine also accommodates a wide-range of case styles, thicknesses and other variances, including recycled corrugated and box in box.

The design of the magazine is also easily adaptable and integrates well with automatic and robotic case loaders.

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    • Ergonomic and Quick Case Loading. Cases can be easily loaded without significant manipulation of the cases or the machine during loading. This is true whether or not the machine is in operation. Case loading time is cut in half compared to the standard Wexxar magazine.
    • Quick Start-up. Quick case loading while a machine is in operation allows for a quick machine start-up after case changeovers.
    • Accommodates wide range of Case Styles. The rapid load magazine is more accommodating for different styles of cases include box in box, corrugated with variances in thickness and more.
    • Adaptable to Automatic Forms of Case Loading. The design of the Rapid Load Magazine allows for easy integration with automatic or robotic case loaders. 

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