WF10 Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector

The WF10 Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector showcases a revolutionary omni-handed feature which allows case packers to form right-handed and left-handed cases on the same machine. It is ideal for customers with multiple product sizes, allowing them to pack products in batches of left-oriented or right-oriented cases with a quick changeover in between. The WF10 case erector's positive case squaring, delivers square cases in a fully upright position, at speeds of up to 10 cases per minute. 

Let the Wexxar WF10 increase your time efficiencies and decrease your labor costs. With Wexxar machinery, your products remain safe and secure for shipping and distribution. With its small footprint, even the most compact operations allow Wexxar’s machine to fit into any application and production line. Other features on the WF10 include non-contacting sensors, a compliant driver belt, dynamic flap folding, and much more.

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    • Wexxar's Pin & Dome case opening technology provides reliable case separation, squaring and forming
    • Omni-handed design allows both left and right handed cases to be formed on the same machine
    • Safety systems including fully interlocked guard doors and emergency stops on both sides of the machine
    • Tool-less, color coded size changeover in under 7 minutes with user-friendly on machine pictorial guides
    • DEKKA High Performance tape head
    • Designed and built in North America with premium materials


      • Speed: up to 10 cases per minute (CPM)
      • Corrosion resistant and paint free frame construction
      • HMI colour touchscreen interface 


      • Machine leg casters
      • Digital dial indicators for precise changeover
      • Auxiliary start/stop station

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