WISE System


The WISE System is the eco-system of user-centric features and functions found on all Wexxar Bel, IPAK and Dekka equipment allowing for easy machine operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. These features and functions enhance the operator experience at every interaction with the machine to improve ease of use and efficiency. Also, as the WISE System is something the operator must interact with every day, these features are standard on every machine (where applicable). WISE stands for 

Wexxar's Intuitive Interface
Integrated on-board management
Smart access controls
Effective Diagnostics


Many of the WISE System's features can be found physically on our machines. These features form the core of the WISE System and are found on every Wexxar machine.

Textless Instructions
We have eliminated most of the text from all of our on-machine instructions. From operating to size change instructions, the pictorial guides are easy to understand to ensure whether the operator speaks English, Spanish or none of the above.

Color-Coded Size Change Handles
One of the most common reasons for machines being out of adjustment are incorrect size changes. To reduce this, we have limited the number of change points as well as color coded each one. From the pictorial guides to the change handles to the rulers, they are all color coded to ensure each change point easy to identify, making the process easy and painless.


WISE HMI features are found on every machine from Wexxar Packaging which comes with an HMI. These features push our machines ahead of the curve and the competition.

Easy to use Graphical User Interface
Once again, this is all about the user. The HMI program and user interface is simple to use and easy to navigate so that all functions of the machine are easily accessible. Relevant information will be presented to the user for simple, complete control. For example, when an alarm is triggered, there will be a visual indication of where the fault is as well as how to solve the issue.

On-board Machine Tuning and Troubleshooting

On-board machine tuning and troubleshooting allows the machine to be tuned and tested through the HMI. To performance a check-up or scheduled maintenance, a technician does not need to open the electrical panel or plug in a laptop or use other tools to check for I/O's or timings. This is very important especially in facilities with extensive safety regulations regarding electrical panels and procedures.

WISE Guides are the newest layer to the overall WISE System Experience. These guides provide additional help or tips to the operator that go beyond standard operation. In general, the WISE Guides can be found in 1 of 3 places, the manual, the HMI and on the machine via QR code form. These guides all have the full compliment of information but can be useful in different situations:

  • Physical or Digital Instruction Manual: Useful for looking up extensive amounts of information
  • HMI: Contains both the manual and QR codes and is easily accessible by the operator
  • QR Codes: Are conveniently located at various parts of the machine where the operator may need help. The operator can also take the guide on their mobile device to help them at the location they need.