Pro Mach Brands

Wexxar/BEL is powered by Pro Mach, a leading provider of integrated packaging products and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse consumer and industrial companies. Through a variety of industry-recognized brands Pro Mach provides equipment, training, installation and parts for primary packaging, end-of-line packaging and identification and tracking. Pro Mach's customers include Fortune 500 and other leading companies worldwide who need reliable, advanced, cost-effective packaging equipment and integrated solutions. Pro Mach is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with manufacturing facilities and offices throughout the United States and Canada.

Pro Mach's brands are leaders in their market segments. They have built their leadership position by manufacturing high quality, reliable equipment and components for custom and standard applications and by providing strong customer service and product support.

Bottling & Capping

Pro Mach’s Bottling & Capping Group engineers, manufactures, installs, and services machinery used to fill and seal containers near the front of the packaging line. Product applications include liquid filling, bottle unscrambling, capping, cap sorting, cap feeding, and cap handling systems.

Flexible Packaging

Pro Mach’s Flexible Packaging Group engineers, manufactures, distributes, installs, and services machinery for flexible plastic film used to form packaging for bags and pouches. Product applications include vertical form fill seal, pre-made pouch, stickpack, sachet, and horizontal form fill seal pouch systems.

Integrated Solutions

Pro Mach’s Integrated Solutions Group designs, engineers, integrates, and supports fully integrated packaging machinery lines worldwide. Solutions and services include packaging line system design and build, performance and productivity software, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management, technical training, productivity support, and robotics and material handling integration.

Primary Packaging

Pro Mach’s Primary Packaging Group engineers, manufactures, installs, and services machinery used to package customers’ products. Product applications include sterilizing, sleeve labeling, multipacking, tray overwrapping, thermoforming, and in-motion weighing/labeling systems.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pro Mach’s Pharmaceutical Packaging Group engineers, manufactures, installs, and services machinery to package solid dose and liquid pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, vitamins, and food supplements. Product applications include bottle unscrambling, capping, labeling, conveying, cottoning, sealing, and tablet counting systems as well as turnkey line integration services.

End of Line

Pro Mach’s End of Line Group engineers, manufactures, installs, and services machinery used to organize and prepare customers’ products for shipment in a wide variety of end-markets. Product applications include case and tray packing, palletizing, stretch and pallet wrapping, case and tray forming and sealing, shrink wrapping/bundling, and vertical bagging systems.

Material Handling

Pro Mach’s Material Handling Group designs, manufactures, installs, and services conveyors and material handling equipment that move goods across the processing and packaging lines. Product applications offer solutions that accumulate, position, feed, orient, flip, stack, load, distribute, rotate, reject, push, divert, or index products between manufacturing processes on both processing and packaging lines.

Labeling & Coding

Pro Mach’s Labeling & Coding Group takes a solutions approach to the marketplace by serving a diverse set of end-markets that are consistently looking to improve product identification in the supply chain. Product applications include marking, coding, and labeling systems for primary and secondary packaging and related consumables such as labels, tags, ribbons, and fluids, plus parts and service.